In the same way as maps,
wine captures the essence of a particular place
at a particular time.

I'd like you to be able to share this story too.

My name is Anne Collard and I’m a vine grower.


Let me tell you about the project that inspired me over several years. I am particularly fond of the grape variety Grenache (Garnacha in Spanish), which produces round, generous wines. So I broadened my horizons and travelled up the River Rhône from Beaucaire to Comps, the southernmost village in the Côtes du Rhône wine region.

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As I was making my way up the Rhône to the Aiguille Peak, I came across a leafy-green oasis, nestling in a refreshingly cool setting.

The Côtes du Rhône region

My journey to this vineyard, with a geographer’s mindset, is shown on this map.

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The vines flourish on the hillsides overlooking the confluence of the Rhône and Gardon rivers.

Côtes du Rhône

Vignoble Anne Collard

Indulgent fruit with delightful mineral hints

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Côtes du Rhône Villages


Depth of flavor from the old vines in Côtes du Rhône Villages

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Shi Fu Mi

There’s also an element of fun…

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Anne Collard’s blog

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Biodynamics: a respectful approach to our vines

Biodynamic agriculture sometimes raises questions about its practices, origins and effectiveness. Find out how I integrate this approach into the treatment of my Côtes du Rhône and Côtes du Rhône Villages vines, and how it contributes to the quality of my wines.

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